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Nate's presentation will touch upon:


-  Techniques to deal with bullying.

-  The importance of hard work and education.

-  How important it is to find a passion to focus your energy on.

-  How lifting each other up feels worlds better than breaking each other down.

-  How bravery is rewarded.

-  Realizing the importance of originality and celebrating our different strengths.



Over 40 Celebrity Tweets Including...

  • Principal Lamson Lam  from PS 184 Brooklyn, NY

    “Our students had a wonderful time with Nate.  I was impressed with how he used his artistic talents to involve and excite them. His energy is contagious, and he really sends the message home that positivity and encouragement triumph over bullying.  Our school is in a very under-resourced part of Brooklyn and his presentation hit home here, but his message is timely, powerful and universal."



  • Principal Chad Altman  from PS 100 Brooklyn, NY

    "Your visit to our school was extremely well received.  I was very pleased to see our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students highly engaged in your presentation.  Your inclusion of student participants allowed for the children to actively learn strategies designed to effectively diffuse bullying and empower themselves to earn respect from their peers.  Our teachers were extremely appreciative of the work you did

    with individual classes following the presentation.  The students were eager to share their personal experiences and discuss strategies on how to successfully respond to difficult situations that they may find themselves involved in.   As we move towards  a new teacher development system in NYC, I was encouraged to see that your program has a connection to several components of Charlotte

    Danielson’s rubric for Enhancing Professional Practice."



  • Joann Mingari  4th Grade Teacher

    “So impressive and powerful! What an awesome project! How amazing that you're making such an incredible impact of so many kids. I'm going to share it with my teacher friends.”



  • Alison Tails  Dept. Head of Dance, Movement, & Devising at the                       Professional Performing Arts School of NYC

    "Nate was engaging, charismatic, accessible and fun. The students had a blast working with him! Nate and I were able to collaborate organically, allowing the students to apply their knowledge, work and talent, to create a piece. A few of the students who feel hip-hop is where they thrive, were able to push themselves, as their particular passion was highlighted but it was actually the students who were

    not rappers at all, that delighted me the most! They want to know when Nate is coming back!"




  • Jenna Leedom  Marriage and Family Therapist

    “You spend time not only sending a message that kids can support each other but that they can and should validate one another, speak up, listen, forgive and set aside differences in the globally connecting experience of expression. What a cool and relevant experience for them!”



  • Izzy Kalman  MS, Director at Bullies, Inc.

    "Nate Lombardi is a true gem--a multi-talented artist with smarts and an upbeat personality that endears him to you the moment you meet him."



  • Sapna Kollali  Public Information Officer at Madison-Oneida BOCES    Verona, NY

    “The students at Madison-Oneida BOCES had a great experience working on The Groovy Project with NakeKid and Jennifer Maloney-Prezioso, of Awaken Entertainment. The project gave them real life experience and a way to interact with people from beyond their community. It allowed them to use their creative and hidden talents to make a powerful, positive statement about bullying awareness and prevention and to do it in a fun, entertaining and meaningful way. “


  • Diane Johnson  WEST Mentor at PS 154

    "Nate visited us at our WEST Mentorship program in Harlem at PS 154 and did his presentation on Bullying. It was very interactive and the girls were very happy to participate in the various activities. Through his message and activities he taught the girls how to defuse the energy of the bully by answering them as they would a friend. The girls were still talking about it the following week when we met. I would definitely recommend that all schools and youth programs invite him to come speak as the messages and the lesson will be a life changing one."

  • Laurie Ann Ross  Assistant Director, Madison-Oneida Board of Cooperative Educational Services    Verona, NY

    "Teaching students about a topic so important as anti-bullying is never easy, no matter what the age, demographic, or belief-system.  Sending a message that captures students’ attention in a meaningful, thought-provoking, and reflective way is even more difficult, especially when some of the students have either engaged in bullying behavior, been victims of bullying themselves, or both.Nate Lombardi, also known professionally as NateKid, has the ability to reach children of all ages through his powerful, passionate message that if we all work together, and do our part both individually and as a group, we can make this world a better place. His words, his music, and his motivation to help students listen, contemplate, and formulate ideas based on an anti-bullying theme recognizes what these young men and women have to offer to their community and society as a whole, and empowers them to make a difference! I witnessed the power of his message with my own students, and take great pride in the hard work, cooperative efforts, and unity that took place through our work with NateKid on our 2012 anti-bully video, known as The Groovy Project. NateKid promotes change from within, and moves individuals of all ages to take action towards promoting good in their lives, their

    communities, and the world!"



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Suggested Activities from


Schools don’t always need formal programs to help students learn about bullying prevention. Schools can incorporate

the topic of bullying prevention in lessons & activities. Examples of activities to teach about bulling include:


-  Internet or library research, such as looking up types of bullying, how to prevent it, and how kids should respond


-  Presentations, such as a speech or role-play on stopping bullying


-  Discussions about topics like reporting bullying


- Creative writing, such as a poem speaking out against bullying or a story or skit teaching bystanders how to help


- Artistic works, such as a collage about respect or the effects of bullying


- Classroom meetings to talk about peer relations




Here are key components of from




Laws in the state of New York and California:




Other Resources: